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BDSM Dictionary 2016 - -
Yahoo Groups - Yahoo Groups kinkytexans
Allure Austin, Tx - Social Club
alt.com - Paid alternative life style locator
Angel Ryan - Entertainer Extravagasm Aus.
Athena - Divine Domination Dallas
BADLANDS - Divine Domination Dallas
Bikini Beach - Men's and women's bikinis and G-strings
blacksteel.com - Handcuffs
Bodyaware- Fetish wear
zzz5 $19.95 a month BD/S&M community
BDSM Resource Center hand cuffs Various Info, SA
Brothers of the Flame - S. A. professional firedancers
Cartoon Erotica - cartoons
Caucus club in Austin - Closed down
How to use clothespins - Techniques
Cock Whipping - Cock Whipping
Date.com - Vanilla dating site
deadwire.net - SA Sanctuary info
Different Loving - free mega-resource for the BDSM communities
The Dipstick - Urethra Sounds Play
Dungeonnet.com - add to their search engine
Dugan Brothers - Thigh Highs etc.
Edge Play Gear - BDSM Toys
Elysium - Austin Goth Club, no longer has Fetish shows
Extravagasm IX - Fetish Party in Austin November 19, 2010
fetish.sextoy.com - toys and clothing
Flesh Assembly - used to put on fetish shows in Austin
Fire-child Fyrechylde - S. A. Boutique and Alterations
Fishnet - Fishnet
Fishnet - Fishnet
Fishnet - Fishnet
Fishnet - Fishnet
Fishnet - Fishnet
Fishnet - Fishnet
Forbidden Fruit - Austin Vendor and info
Foxy FurniturePF Convertible Dungeon Furnishings
Google mail - gmail.google.com
Goth club list - International list of clubs
Goth Dolls - Bleeding Edge Goths
Gothic Lace - Accessories to finish your Gothic/Fetish look
Halloween Ball - Las Vegas, Next party Oct. 2010
THE HEAT - SA dance club N. Main
HellFire - NY - THE CLUB in N.Y., but gone
Miss Indigo - Austin Mistress
Koala - Bathing suits
Leather Masters - Dallas leather shop, a great side trip when at the Dallas Fetish Ball
Lingerie Place - Lingerie, Leather and Toys
Merchant Ship Collective - Nice Leather Products
MYBDSM.COM - Free BDSM Home Page Program
nasty jewelry - Jewelry for the tender parts
Naughty Singles - Personals
Negotiate - List
Nero Emporium - Emporium, armor, corsets
Olympia press - Books
Pennangalan - Goth and Fetish boots etc.
Persian Kitty - A list of links
PIERRE SILBER - Boots, Leather clothing
Playboy Store - Clothing, DVD, VHS Check the sales!!
Pony slaves - -
Prevail Sports - Swimsuits
Prysm Creations- Inconyto masks, Cane slut rattan toys
PureTNT- Fetish Jewelry
THE SAINT- SA dance club on N. Main
Sam's Burger Joint, S. A. - Fetish and Goth Events...great burgers all week
The Sanctuary- Dallas Fetish Club...Store
Sartan's Workshop- Leather Harnesses
Sax leather- Toys
Sexy Leather by MacLeo- erotic leather products/toys
The Shades of Love- SA Shop
shadowlane shopping - Good selection of toys and movies
Snakepit Leather Works PF high quality floggers, cats and whips
Spanking Video Review - information on videos
Sparks Electric Co. - Electrical Toys for Adults, Design & Repair
sub-dom.com - SUBMIT - online magazine
Sub Shop - Toys - Fetish wear
Tetanus - Great info on Tetanus
Urethral Play - how to
Vinyl Pimp - Lists events in Houston, Texas
W. D. Brame - Lots of clips and clamps
Weather - Homepage
wizdomme - -

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